Thursday, October 05, 2006

George Galloway Being Sued

This isn't much to do with what this blog normally deals with other than it involves the man who epitomises the evil alliance of far-left and Islamic radicalism. Galloway has done his fair share of suing but apparently isn't so keen on having it done to him.

A photographer had tried twice to hand the summons to George but he refused to take it. So, the photographer tricked poor old Galloway into accepting it. It seems he wasn't best pleased:

"I disguised the letter in an old envelope and left it for him at reception," Mr Hoffman said. "I waited until he came out, watched him open it, and then took a picture of him reading it. He was completely speechless for about a minute, then he became so cross I thought he would explode."

When he got his voice back, he repeatedly said: 'I'll see you in court, I'll see you in court and you will lose. You can be certain of that.'"Mr Hoffman claimed he then added: "You will be sorry for the day you ever made an enemy of me. Believe me you will. By the time I have finished with you, you can be sure no-one will ever hire you again."
And the amount George apparently owes? £715. A report released earlier this year revealed that George's expenses amount to £1,491 for each time he bothers to vote in the House of Commons. So, how about Mr Galloway turns up an extra time and then he can pay the photographer twice.