Monday, September 18, 2006

Police Investigate Protest..Take 2

The Metropolitan Police is investigating the protest that took place outside Westminster Cathedral. About 100 people demonstrated against the Pope's comments and held posters reading: "Pope go to hell" and "Islam will conquer Rome".

The Guardian reports: "It is understood that some of the complaints relate to reported comments by the outspoken Islamic figure, Anjem Choudary - the former UK head of al-Muhajiroun." This is the same man who organised a similar rally over the Danish cartoons.

Two points spring to mind. Firstly, the content of some of the posters at this rally are remarkably similar to the ones used in that Danish rally. Placards at that rally read "Freedom go to hell" and "Islam will dominate the world".

Also, I found in the Daily Mail that after that protest Mr Choudary was investigated. He recieved a £500 fine. The maximum fine for the offence he was convicted of was £1000.

So, the same man has organised another rally, which is again being investigated. I for one hope the Met and the CPS will take serious action this time round.