Monday, September 25, 2006

More on the "Islamic Village"

Earlier I brought your attention to an article discussing plans for an "Islamic Village" being planned for West Ham. The article raised concerns that the Mosque and complex was being built by Tablighi Jamaat a Muslim group described by French Intelligence as "an antechamber of fundamentalism".

The Observer reports that attempts are being made to find out who is actually financing this project and to prevent it from becoming a tool for extremists. Surprisingly, the desginer would not comment on who was funding the project.

UPDATE: Opposition is growing to this new "Mega-Mosque". The Telegraph has an opinion piece asking the same questions as everyone else regarding the funding of this mosque. But the article goes further to question the impact it will have in creating a "Muslim area" much like Abu Izzadeen already thinks exists.

Perhaps there is still hope for Britain.