Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pandering to Muslims in Worcester?

It has emerged that Worcestershire County Council has been providing halal meat in its schools without informing parents.

Let me start by saying that halal slaughter (like Jewish slaughter) is, despite claims by NGOs, an extremely humane way of slaughtering. Not to mention the fact that even if it wasn't humans trump animals any day of the week. Those claiming that this somehow breaches parents' rights to provide humane food for their kids are clutching at straws. No information is provided regarding what condition workers were put under to produce bananas or other products. The issue here is not that halal meat is somehow intrinsically wrong.

However, the question burning in my mind is why halal meat was used. It is definitely more expensive than normal meat, no question. So, why would the local authority pay extra for it?

Bear in mind that according to the 2001 Census Muslims make up just 1.8% of Worcester's population. So, was this the council trying to accommodate a tiny minority? Something strange is definitely going on there...