Thursday, September 21, 2006

BBC Whitewashes Al Ghurabaa

Yesterday it was proven, on this blog, that Al Ghurabaa is active; that it has been responsible for two vile protests in the last week. Yet, the BBC is whitewashing the connection to any banned group.

This is the BBC article:

In the box on the right the BBC declares that Abu Izzadeen is an ex-member of this group. This is extremely odd. During the live News 24 coverage of the incident, the BBC declared him to be a member. Later it said that he denied being a member. And now, he is definately an ex-member.

Also note, that the second heckler is given one sentence and all references to his threats against the Home Secretary have been removed. This is the man who proves that all the protests are linked thanks to the poster he held (also remeber that he was shouting "You are an enemy of Islam and Muslims" exactly what Abu Izzadeen had first shouted).

Isn't it time the BBC started doing its job?