Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Abu Izzadeen - Unhappily Married?

After Abu Izzadeen decided to make a fool of himself by interrupting John Reid's speech today, I decided to do a little research about him. I found a small profile of him in The Times. And another in asharq alawsat. I also found an entry on a Muslim dating agency - Muslimintro. Now, I'm not saying that this the man on Muslimintro is the same Abu Izzadeen but I will point out the details listed on Muslimintro which are the same as those of Abu Izzadeen of heckling fame:

1) He is 31

2) He is married

3) He has 3 children

4) He was born in London

5) He lives in London, E11 - a map shows Leyton which is where our Izzadeen lives.

6) He has black hair and no glasses

7) He says the thing he would most like to change about the world is to see Islam dominate the world

8) He converted in 1994

On the profile he is says he is seeking a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife.

Is this the same Abu Izzadeen? What do you think?