Monday, September 25, 2006

Hold the Line

Minnette Marrin, in The Times, has an important piece about Britain's ability to stand up to Islamic terror. Worth reading.

I will take this opportunity to address one of the burning questions of the whole Islamic terror debate: "What is a moderate Muslim?"

Those in charge of running our country think that a moderate Muslim is one who does not advocate violence against Britain. However, this is only moderate when compared to the violent extremists who want to impose Islamic Law on Britain.

In truth, a moderate Muslim is one who wants to live in Britain according to British Law and British values. One who wants to practice their religion in their community but no more. When the government called in "moderate" Muslims for talks about extremism these Muslim leaders issued a set of demands for the government including their own public holidays and the implementation of Sharia Law (at least for family matters).

This is not moderation, this is trying to establish a de facto Islamic state within Britain. And given that up to a third of Muslims would like to see Britain become an Islamic State, just how moderate are British Muslims?