Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Double Standards From LEAs

A few months ago, the Gay Police Association produced an advert condemning the Church for homophobic attacks. The advert featured The Bible next to a pool of blood. The advert received 50,000 complaints. But, yesterday, the CPS decided to drop the case.

This is all very well if the policy of the police and other LEAs is to uphold freedom of speech. Indeed, they did not act to stop the extremely offensive and threatening protest outside Westminster Cathedral.

Yet, this is not their policy. Stephen Green was arrested for handing out flyers with quotations from the Bible regarding homosexuality. The Daily Mail reports that the police acknowledged that he was not acting in an aggressive manner, and that he was arrested purely because of the contents of his flyer.

It seems that the police only uphold freedom of speech for some minorities but not others.