Friday, September 22, 2006

MPACUK - Blatant Anti-Semitism

On the MPACUK's website they are currently running a "news" story about a Rabbi who has called for the extremination of Palestinians from Israel. Obviously, this statement is shocking and abhorrent. But the article is deeply anti-Semitic in nature and factually inaccurate and misleading. In fact, the article is copied from a blog, like this one. But, unlike this one, it is a blog that doesn't bother to check it's facts.

You see, this man's statements was made 3 years ago. And why has it come up now? Because he has been arrested for incitement. Of course, the article makes no mention of his arrest. The article goes on to mention Rabbi Kahane and the Kach Party. Again, no mention that the party has been banned as a terrorist organisation by the Israeli government. And also no mention that Rabbi Kahane was killed by an Arab terrorist.

This article is nothing other than an attempt to incite hatred against Jews and as such it is shocking that it should appear on the MPACUK's website.