Thursday, September 28, 2006

CND Lies and the BBC

If you're wondering why I am picking on the CND it is because they have decided to align themselves with the Stop the War Coalition and radical Islam.

The BBC has a report that two of their members were arrested at a protest in Manchester yesterday. The report states:

"The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) also claimed it was stopped unveiling banners which read: "No Trident replacement".
A CND spokeswoman said the group was saddened the protest was prevented. "

Interestingly, Yahoo news has a nice photo of the same demonstration with a nice big banner:

Is it my imagination or is there a nice big banner in that protest? Maybe CND are just upset because they couldn't unfurl that particular banner?

Also conspicuously absent from the BBC report are a couple of details provided by The Independent:

Greater Manchester Police said last night that a Section 14 order, compelling the protesters to disperse, was served after they "refused to co-operate"....he was told by officers that CND had failed to provide advance notice of the protest....Police said they believed the group "intended to cause disruption to the city centre and conference area".