Friday, September 29, 2006

Abu Izzadeen Starts a Blog?

The Jawa Report says that Abu Izzadeen has started a weblog. Indeed, there is a blog supposedly by him. However, I think this is most likely a fake for two reasons.

1) He allows members of blogspot to leave comments which doesn't seem like the kind of thing an Islamo-fascist would do.

2) The timing is very suspect.

3) This is the most compelling. His first (and only so far) post starts with "as salaam alaikum".
Yet, on the, now famous, muslimintro profile (that almost certainly was from him) he writes the same message as "as salam wa alaykum". (Check DFH for the screenshots). It seems unlikely he would have such major differences in writing something which, presumably, he writes often.

UPDATE: This supposed Izzadeen has now deleted his entry in which he makes the welcome quoted in number 3 above. His reason is that "some kaffar make discusting comments". I am assuming that would be me pointing out that they do not fit. I don't have a screenshot of the original post but a search on google has the original comment still visible:

He has though now tried to counteract point number 1 above by stopping anyone from posting comments. However, he has provided more proof that this is a fake. Abu Izzadeen started life as Trevor Brook, born and bred in England. He is a fluent English speaker. The entries on his blog are written in appalling English and this simply isn't Izzadeen.

UPDATE: I was right, the blog is a fake. Check it out now.