Thursday, September 21, 2006


In my first post in reaction to the protest during John Reid's speech I suggested that maybe the protest was organised by the same people who organised the one outside Westminster Cathedral. My reason was the similarity of the wording on the posters. I have finally managed to find a video of the second protestor today and captured a screenshot from Sky News showing his poster:

Pay close attention the black line with the white writing on it, that is at the bottom of the poster. Here is a picture of a similar poster taken from Joee Blogs, taken at the Westminster Cathedral protest:

It too contains the same black line and white writing, although this time it can be read.

So, here you have it. Proof positive that the organisers of this protest organised the other one as well. Now, who are these organisers?

Well, the main speaker at the Westminster Cathedral protest was Anjem Choudray, a leader of the banned Al Ghurabaa group. The first protester today was Abu Izzadeen, a member of Al Ghurabaa. So, who is organising these protests?

UPDATE: News reporters are now saying that the second protestor was in fact Anjem Choudary, the organiser of the Danish cartoons protest who is already under investigation for calling for the Pope to be given "capital punishment". And The Sun article carries a clearer picture of one of the posters used in the protest. Further evidence that Al Ghurabaa is behind these events and needs to be shut down.