Thursday, September 21, 2006

Galloway - Izzadeen Working for Govt

George Galloway has written an open letter to Dr John Reid discussing the protesting at his speech. I found the letter on MPACUK's website. In it Mr Galloway suggests that the heckler was allowed in precisely to give Muslims a bad name.

"Either our police and security services are so fantastically incompetent that Bin Laden himself might have slipped in to beard you at your podium. Or someone somewhere wanted to engineer precisely this confrontation to show you in a certain light and to portray the Muslims of Britain in the most aggressive violent and extreme way possible, as a justification for the utterly counter-productive policies you are following"

In George Galloway's own words; this is "preposterous". How low will this man stoop to defend extremists, terrorists and tyrants?

PS: The BBC is accutely aware of this letter because they quote from it on their website. Odd that they didn't mention his crazy conspiracy theory.