Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Izzadeen Gone All Shy

Last week, this blog revealed that Abu Izzadeen was actively seeking a 2nd wife. (screen shots available at DFH)

Well, it seems that Abu Izzadeen has now become shy and has deleted his profile from the muslimintro site. I guess that confirms that was indeed him.

UPDATE: The MSM has finally caught up with us. The Daily Mail is reporting this story today. Of course, they do not say how they found out about it, but in one paragraph they do make mention of "One blogger". When will the MSM in this country catch up with their American colleagues in recognising the impact of us bloggers and give us the credit we deserve?

UPDATE: The Times has picked up on this story, and gently pokes fun at those who reported it a week after the blogs. There's even a link to the story on this site. A big thank you to them.