Monday, September 25, 2006

Football and Ramadan

A local newspaper is reporting that Muslim football teams have asked for matches to be suspended during Ramadan because their players cannot take part due to fasting. This would involve scrapping over 50 games to accommodate these teams who will be unable to play for a month. The matter has been referred to the FA.

While I sympathise with their problem I feel that they have gone too far. If the FA decides that games should be postponed or scrapped then presumably the same would apply for all FA matches. Essentially, any Muslim player in any league could cause havoc by insisting that he cannot play during Ramadan. What will inevitably happen is that the football season will have to be modified to suit Muslim players.

Now, we all know that most football matches take place on Saturday. Jewish players, therefore, make a choice between religion (they cannot play on their Sabbath) or football. Unfortunately, the same question now faces these Muslim players. But that is their problem and should not be made the problem of the Christian majority.