Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MCB Rejects Reid

Surprise, surprise, the MCB has rejected John Reid's comments that terrorism has nothing to do with foreign policy. The MCB released a statement which is most equivocal in its support for parental responsibility. For a start they make a point of stating that "all parents, both Muslim and non-Muslim" have a responsibility to be vigilant. John Reid was making a very valid point that Muslims must face up to their responsibility, yet the MCB wants to ignore that and pretend that they have no more responsibility to stop Muslim extremism than anyone else.

Then they moved on to reiterate that it is British foreign policy that is causing extremism. While it is true that foreign policy is used as a rallying call, it is not true that it causes Islamic terrorism. And John Reid specifically stated that no government "worth its salt" will change its policies to accommodate terrorists.

Once again, the MCB has shown that it acts as a mouthpiece for the Islamic terrorists. Also note, that the MCB didn't mention the protestors.