Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Cause for Concern at MPACUK

MPACUK a supposedly moderate Muslim group has called for a new Prime Minister who is more "ethical". One is forced to wonder what sort of "ethics" this imagined PM will behave according to? Tony Blair, from what I can gather, is a fairly religious Christian with, at least what he perceives to be, Christian ethics.

Equally irritating is the reiteration that altering foreign policy will stop Britain being a target for Islamic terrorism. This is patently not true (a discussion for another time perhaps). However, if it were true, it would not be a reason to change policy. There has always been an understanding that you do not negotiate with terrorists and certainly do not give in to them. All those people who insist on telling us that British foreign policy is responsible for terrorism and then go on to insist that foreign policy must be changed as a result of the terrorist threat are, in fact, handing over the list of demands from the terrorists and saying "Surrender!".

One interesting side-point. The MPACUK website carries a "news" item "exposing" the "British Israel lobby". Who is it? The various party friends of Israel. Yet, on the same page that carries this article decrying the influence of this lobby is a report of the "Arab Labour Group" which is doing the same thing. Yet more anti-Semitism from this "moderate" group.