Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Home Secretary vs Muslim Families?

In an article in the Sun newspaper the Home secretary calls on Muslim parents to keep an eye on their children to tackle extremism. He said:

I appeal to you to look for changes in your teenage sons - odd hours, dropping out of school or college, strange new friends. And if you are worried, talk to them before their hatred grows.

However, his calls for Muslims to take action against extremism has been attacked by The Muslim News. Their editor, Ahmed Versi, accuses the UK government of trying to divide Muslim families.

In the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 the responsibility for stopping anti-social behaviour was placed to a large degree with parents. Fines could be imposed of up to £1000. Did the editor of The Muslim News decry that as an attempt to split families?

Instead of accepting that parents are responsible for their children, this news organisation is trying to make it another case of West against Islam.

UPDATE: The Daily Mail is now running this story, better late than never.