Tuesday, September 26, 2006

BBC Bias

The BBC is reporting that a man made a protest at the sale of pictures supposedly drawn by Hitler. The tone of the article is strikingly harsh. The headline reads "Protesters invade Hitler art sale" and goes on to say that "Protesters have stormed an auction house" [my emphasis].

Now, compare that to the coverage ofAbu Izzadeen's protest last week.The BBC headline for that read "Reid heckled during Muslim speech" and then that "He was interrupted by activist Abu Izzadeen" [again my emphasis].

Now, here is a quote from The Scotsman's report:

"We don't think this incident is worthy of any comment at all," said a spokesman for Jefferys auctioneers that held the sale. "It was a schoolboy prank."

Quite clearly, the BBC disagrees. They have devoted a whole article to this incident. And why does the BBC use such harsh tones with regards to this but not with regards to the other incident? A clue: One was carried out by a raging Muslim terrorist, the other by a Jewish comedian.