Monday, May 14, 2007

Rajib Khan Revealed

A few weeks ago six men were arrested for financing terrorism abroad. At the time we revealed that each one was a member of Al Muhajiroun, except one man, Rajib Khan. New research would imply that Rajib Khan was a spokesman for Al Muhajiroun who used the name Abu Omar. Below is a photograph taken from two different Islamist websites both run by Ahlus Sunna Wal Jama'ah (the new name for Al Muhajiroun). The one on the right is identified as Rajib Khan, and the one on the left was identified as Abu Omar.

The picture also appears on the website of Trinity College Dublin's Philosophical Society. It was taken at a debate in 2005. Other Islamists at the debate, judging from the photos, include Anjem Choudary, Abdul Rehman Saleem and Umran Javed, all well known members of Al Muhajiroun.

In 2003 a spokesman for Al Muhajiroun using the name Abu Omar described the 19 9/11 terrorists as "magnificent" and said that any Muslims who argued were "apostates".