Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bakri Recruiting

In the aftermath of the fertiliser bomb plot trial it was revealed that Al Muhajiroun, run by Omar Bakri, was at the centre of virtually all British Islamic terrorism. The Sun is reporting that he is still recruiting people to spread his hatred over the Internet.

Neil Doyle has found numerous videos that have been uploaded to the Internet preaching hatred of non-Muslims. He estimates that 20 people are in Britain preaching this hate and trying to radicalise more Muslims.

UPDATE (09/05/07 15:49): Omar Bakri has tried to refute the claims made against him. He told London based newspaper Asharq Alawsat that he was "too pre-occupied with my work in the library learning about and researching Daawa in Lebanon to know what is going on in Britain." he also claimed that "I am not in touch with them and I do not know anything about them."

Bakri is, naturally, lying. Every night he gives lectures via the Paltalk chat room. These lectures are advertised on Al Muhajiroun websites. Of course he knows exactly what is going on here and still has a big hand in orchestrating events.