Monday, May 14, 2007

40% Want Veil Banned in Shopping Centres

An online poll conducted by G4S Security Services found that most people were afraid of anti-Social behaviour when they visited shopping centres. When asked what they thought should be done about it 41% voted that there should be a ban on clothing that obscured the face.

And, lest you think that this is the opinion held by neo-Nazis or whatever the Islamists will say, the poll also found that 50% wanted to ban the consumption of alcohol in shopping centres. Hoodies were opposed by 31% and offensive t-shirts by a measly 13%.

In an open country like Britain, covering the face is bound to unnerve others. Even ignoring the security problems of not being able to identify who is behind the veil, British culture is one of openness. The veil signifies closeness. And while we can understand why some Muslim women would want to wear it, they should understand how uncomfortable it makes everyone else. Should the majority be made to feel uncomfortable to accommodate the minority?