Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Muslim Association of Britain

The Muslim Association of Britain is an Islamist organisation; a British branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The group is influential in the Stop the War Coalition and organised the "pro-Hijab" campaign to prevent the banning of the Islamic veil. They have wide support amongst liberal groups who ignore the MAB's connections.

These two articles deal with the MAB's Muslim Brotherhood connections and make it clear that this is an organisation that is far from mainstream Muslim ideas.

Two key players to keep an eye on are Dr Azzam Tamimi, and Osama Saeed. Tamimi has expressed his desire to become a suicide bomber as well as supporting Hamas (the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) and Hezbollah.

Saeed is often quoted as a spokesman on Muslim matters in Scotland. Saeed is normally discreet although he did tell Muslims to not cooperate with the police.