Thursday, May 03, 2007

MCB Deceit

The MCB has jumped on the bandwagon of those asking for a public inquiry into 7/7. The Muslim Council of Britain claims that:

The MCB’s support for a statutory judicial inquiry is a demonstration of its unequivocal support for effective measures to counter terrorism.
This is what is commonly referred to as a lie. Earlier in the press release, Dr Bari is quoted as saying:
It is of crucial importance that we find out in an objective manner the reasons that led those young people to perpetrate their atrocity. We cannot begin to address this phenomenon unless we know its causes.
Those calling for a 7/7 inquiry want to know that MI5 and the security services were doing their job properly. The MCB want an inquiry, not about the effectiveness of our security, but about an entirely different topic. They want an inquiry into the causes of Islamic terrorism.

Of course, the MCB have their own politicised idea of the cause of Islamist terror; our foreign policy. Last September, the MCB rejected John Reid's calls for Muslims to be watch out for signs that their children are being radicalised by declaring that the government was, "
continuing to ignore the damage that some of our foreign policies, particularly in the Middle East, have done to our national security".

The MCB is well aware that any study into the causes of terrorism will inevitably state (as is the case) that invading Iraq and Afghanistan has contributed to extremism. It was always known that it would and no one has disputed that it has. The MCB will shout to the rooftops that we must change our foreign policy to prevent terrorism. Or, to be put it more simply, we must accept the demands of the terrorists.

However, the MCB are also aware that Islamist terrorism is not caused by our foreign policy. Islamist terror may be exacerbated by it, but it is caused by an extreme interpretation of Islam. Michael Gove, MP
for Surrey Heath, wrote an article in The Times yesterday pointing out, again, that it is not our foreign policy that is the root cause of Islamic terrorism. That article is worth reading.

The terrorists themselves acknowledge that foreign policy is not the cause. Their statements show this time and again. Sure, they link their attacks to Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya etc etc. But underlying all of that is their statements about Islam and a Caliphate.

Here is an interesting quote with regards to the kidnappers of the BBC's Alan Johnston in Gaza:
Money is not the issue. The issue is an incorrect understanding of Islam, how to deal with foreigners in general, an incorrect understanding of Islam among some.
Who said that?
Ahmed Youssef, an aide to the Palestinian Prime Minister. He ought to know. The MCB wonders why it is being ignored by the government, but it is quite clear. It is because the MCB refuses to acknowledge that Islamic terrorism stems from Islam and rather continues to tell the government to surrender to terrorists.