Thursday, May 03, 2007

Looking At MPs Blogs

Continuing our look into the world of political blogging, it is appropriate to link to a post by Stephen Tall. His article focuses mainly on blogs written by MPs or candidates and the effect they have. He makes the same point that we made in part 2; blogs work by influencing the media.

However, he makes the mistake that we exposed in part 1 by using hit rates to measure the power of blogs. He concludes, inevitably, that the American ones are the "├╝ber-bloggers" as he puts it. As we showed in part 1 the American giants are (relative to population) not so powerful in their ability to directly influence the masses. In his defence, though, Stephen does point out that the MSM are still the "big boys".

Overall, an interesting article, even if it doesn't address the key issue (which we will deal with soon) of why blogs have any influence with the MSM? Stay tuned for that.