Friday, May 04, 2007

Blair on Radical Islam

In an interview with a German paper, Tony Blair, reiterated the point we try and make here often; it's them not us. He said:

We must show the Muslim world that we let our values apply to everyone. That's why Guantanamo (Bay) is an issue for people.

But we are also on the defensive because we are not energetic in contradicting the opinion of radical Muslims who want to convince us that terrorism somehow has something to do with our behaviour.

The first point touches onto the issue of changing our basic values of justice in order to tackle extremists. The second point is one that is still not appreciated in Britain. It's a point that this blog is partly designed to make, namely that Islamic terrorism is based on an interpretation of Islam.

For too long the MCB, MPACUK and practically every other Muslim body in this country, aided and abetted by the Lib Dems (and others) and, to some extent, by the MSM, have tried to tell us that Islamism is a result of our foreign policy. And worse still, they have tried to convince us to surrender our foreign policy to the terrorists by acting as they dictate.

For as long as this view continues another key aim of this blog will not be fulfilled. One aim for this blog is to try and convince the Muslim community in Britain that it is their responsibility to stand up to their co-religionists. Ultimately, it is only mainstream Muslims who can kill off the Islamist ideology that puts us all at risk.

However, while they continue to be in denial of the cause of Islamist terror they will not act. While they continue to convince themselves and others that it isn't about Islam but rather about our foreign policy they will not stand up to the likes of Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri. And until they do, they will continue to live under suspicion and we will all continue to live in danger.