Monday, March 12, 2007

Why Multiculturalism is Failing

This is an interesting article in The Mirror written by Tony Parsons. He gets right to the heart of the problem of muliculturalism:

The problem is we do lot [sic "not"] need more diversity, we need less. You can't believe in everything. You can't simultaneously believe that gay people should be invited for tea and that gay people should be exterminated. You can't simultaneously believe that men and women are equal, but also that women should cover their faces and be subjected to arranged marriages. You simply can't believe in everything.

Abdul Muhid and his kind should be trying to fit in with us - not the other way around. We should stop bending over backwards to keep everyone happy. We're learning that multi-culturalism doesn't mean lots of cultures living merrily side-by-side. It means a country with no culture at all.

He finishes off with:
And, above all, we need to restore pride in being British.
That's what they should be teaching in those citizenship classes - say it loud, I'm a Brit and I'm proud.

Now, for those out there who think the very mention of being proud to be British is racist please think about this. Who is British? Anyone with a British passport. Who has a British passport? All sorts of people. When we talk of being proud of being British we mean pride in our national achievements and history.

Some people think British pride must mean a pride in being an ethnic Briton. This is racist nonsense. British pride means taking pride in our history and achievements. This is open to any Briton of any ethnicity and background. Just as in America, immigrants are proud to be American, so too we need to be allowed to be proud of being British. Not pround of being an ethnic Briton, but proud of being a person with British values and living with British achievements.