Monday, March 12, 2007

Al Muhajiroun Recruitment Drive

The Sun is reporting that a video has been posted on extremist Muslim sites featuring the "video will" of 7/7 bomber Mohammed Sidiqe Khan. The video comes with English subtitles. The newspaper quotes Neil Doyle (an internet terror expert, according to them):

The message of the video is quite clear: Mohammad Sidique Khan and others have given their lives — you should too. Khan is dead, but he is gradually becoming an important digital recruiting sergeant for al-Qaeda.

The report goes on to say:
The video has been produced by an al-Qaeda online media unit called the Jihad Media Battalion that experts believe is based in the UK. Mr Doyle reckons extremists linked to hate preacher Omar Bakri are behind the recruitment drive.

The film includes images of posters produced by Bakri’s group calling the 9/11 hijackers “the magnificent 19”. Download links to the film have also been posted to a website used by Bakri supporters.
It looks like Al Muhajiroun is getting bigger and looking for more members, both online and in universities (see here). This group poses a clear danger to the public with their extremist rants, protests and by encouraging terrorism. We can only hope that the police have this group firmly in their sites.