Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Honour Killing Silence

Yesterday we referred you to an article by John Hooper revealing the shocking silence of women's rights groups to a so-called honour killing in Italy. As Hooper pointed out this problem is not confined to Italy alone. In fact, the same problem is evident in Britain.

Ongoing is the trial of the father and uncle of Banaz Mahmod. She was allegedly murdered by them for refusing her arranged marriage and instead choosing a boyfriend. According to the prosecution they were helped by another man, Mohamad Hama. The group first tried to kidnap the boyfriend but failed. They told him:

We're going to kill you and Banaz, because we're Muslim and Kurdish. We're not like the English where you can be boyfriend and girlfriend. We're going to leave now but we'll be back again.
Again, there seems to be a silence about this case from Western human rights groups. Liberty do not seem to say anything. A search on the websites of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reveal no results. A Google search using the name "Banaz Mahmod" and "rights" reveals that the only rights groups mentioning this case are Kurdish or Middle Eastern ones. No Western group seems able or willing to protest.