Thursday, March 08, 2007

MCB Lies Using Home Office Figures

Yesterday we looked into the way the IHRC has abused the Home Office statistics and the way the MSM fell for it. Today, the Muslim Council of Britain has used the same figures with new lies to further their political agenda.

In a statement they say:

It is a shocking revelation that evidence to justify the laying of charges was found satisfactory in a very small proportion of those arrested and only 3 percent of those were found guilty.

In fact, charges were brought against 407 people (out of 1166). This amounts to 35%. And far from "3 percent of those" being found guilty the figure (excluding those awaiting or on trial, for obivous reasons) is 74.5%. Compare this figure to the conviction rates at the end of 2005 which stood at 76% in murder cases, and 63% in cases of sexual assault.

The MCB goes on to say:

Given the media circus that attracts arrests carried out under terrorism legislation it is now manifestly obvious that this legislation has blighted the lives of more than a thousand innocent individuals and their families. This must not be allowed to continue.Where innocent people are arrested in the course of an investigation, at the very least their innocence should be publicly acknowledged in proportion to the publicity attracted by their arrest. This process will assist in improving the image of the police with the communities.

Obviously no one has told the MCB that it is the media, not the police, that makes a big fuss over arrests and ignores the releases.

Finally, the MCB calls for a public inquiry into the causes of terror. Obviously, the MCB thinks that any public inquiry (besides for wasting lots of money) will link the Iraq war to terrorism and the MCB will be able to use that to bash the government with. A public enquiry is completely pointless because we are all aware that the cause of terrorism is ideology and everything else simply serves as fuel.