Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More on Veils

Driving Tests
The Driving Standards Agency yesterday produced new rules regarding veils and driving tests. The guidance states that if a woman turns up to a driving test wearing a veil she must lift it for ID purposes before being allowed to take the test. The aim is to prevent fraud. The guidance also says that the identification should be performed by a woman in a private room.

BBC Poll
The BBC is running a poll on its website with the question, "Should the veil be banned in schools?". There have been 9345 votes and a staggering 83.16% have voted yes. Only 13.54% voted no. The BBC puts a caveat that the results may not reflect public opinion.

UPDATE: Two schools in Peterborough due to open next year have revealed that they will ban the full face veil. Both schools say that they have special arrangements for the hijab but draw the line at allowing pupils to completely cover their faces. (read more here)