Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Schools May Ban Vails

The government announced that schools will now have the power to ban the full face veil if they wanted to. The decision doesn't actually ban it, rather it allows Headmasters to make the decision based on the local situation and in consultation with parents.

Some Muslim groups have welcomed the decision. Dr Tag Hargey of the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford, who has stated in the past that the veil is purely cultural not religious, said:

When you conceal the face, that actually not only dehumanises the person involved, but also creates a chasm, a gap, a bridge of non-understanding between communities and I think the sooner we can get rid of this veil, this face veiling, this face masking in Muslim societies across Britain, so much the better.

Even the MCB wasn't complaining, mainly because it did not "alter the position very much".

However, the IHRC was making a fuss about it. A press release states:
IHRC is concerned that these guidelines will be counter productive. There was no consultation with the Muslim community before introducing these guidelines......To now proceed to issue guidance against Muslim communities is simply shocking.

Clearly, Mr Shadjareh hasn't read the report. The guidelines are not "against Muslim communities" they are giving headteachers the right to decide what is best for the local community. Furthermore, the fact that there has been no consultation is irrelevant because the guidelines are that consultation should be on a local level.