Friday, March 09, 2007

BBC and "Those Pesky Muslims"

A commentor going by the name "jb" has left this comment on our story of the BBC's using the wrong photo:

Your claims of bias on this score are mistaken.

PA labels this picture on its wires:

Cartoons Protest Muslim demonstrators outside the Danish Embassy in London 03/02/2006 Press Association.

It then goes on to say "french embassy", as per your link.

So who knows where those pesky muslims were...

"Those pesky Muslims" has some undertones of religious intolerance. So, imagine the surprise when an IP trace showed that the comment originated from BBC HQ in London!

Most likely, the commentor thinks that everyone on this site is a racist and will therefore be more inclined to listen to his defence if he slipped in some racist sentiment. Unfortunately for them, this site is not racist and never has been. The BBC will be made aware of this comment and we await their response.

(Oh, and just so you know, the PA doesn't label that picture that way. In fact, that description does not return any result on google.)