Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some News

The Home Secretary revokes a control order as the entire system looks set to fall apart. The problem is the refusal to charge and try the suspects because the Government doesn't want to reveal the evidence. In a liberal democracy it should be the case that we either try someone in court or else we leave them be. Yes this may well put us at risk but we mustn't sacrifice what makes us great in the face of threats from those who don't like that which makes us great. (full story here, The Guardian)

The EDL claims to have received support from all kinds of people (Muslims included) as they attempt to shake off the image of being racists of the far-right. People posting on their website doesn't mean much nor do gestures such as burning a swastika. Provoking others and telling British citizens to "integrate or go back to where you belong" (not a direct quote from anyone but the essence of their message from a video posted on their site) tells us all we need to know. (full story here, The Daily Star)

Abu Makr Mansha has been sent back to prison. He was originally conviced in December 2005 under the Terrorism Act 2000 and the belief is that he was planning to murder a British soldier. He was released on probation a few months ago but was recently arrested for another offence and, although released on bail, the probation service decided to send him back to prison as they were concerned he might reoffend. (full story here, The Mirror)

A Harrow councillor gets it spot on. Susan Hall said, (referring to the recent protests and fighting between the EDL et al and UAF and Muslim extremists) "From the left and from the right, they are all as bad as each other and we in the middle are left cleaning up the mess...If it [the EDL protest] was peaceful protest, we would support it all the time, but with these groups there is no intention for peaceful protest. Similarly, the groups who turn out to defend the mosque have no intention of being peaceful". (full story here, The Harrow Times)