Sunday, September 27, 2009

Islamists and BNP agree - it's the Zionists!

The emergence and rise of the EDL seems to have caused some confusion and concern. Islamists are confused as to how to react. Up to now it was simple - everything the Islamists didn't like was a Zionist plot. The terrorist attacks carried out by Islamists were Zionist plots. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were Zionist plots. Bad press was Zionists etc etc.

As we all know, when Islamists talk of Zionists they generally mean Jews. And Zionist plots must have someone Jewish involved to be valid. Not normally hard to find since there are plenty of Jewish people working in important posts in the Western World. But the EDL doesn't have Jews involved with it and hence the confusion. No Jews means no Zionist plot so how can Islamists react without sacrificing their simple world view?

Fortunately for them the EDL are also aware that Islamists hate Jews so, as part of their provocation, they march with Israeli flags. And that, you see, is all that Islamists need to draw the link. Hence articles on MPACUK's website entitled "Exposed! The EDL and Its Zionist Connection" and "Far-Right and Zionist Thugs Unite Against Palestinians". The evidence for the connection is the flag:

their [the EDL's] motives were soon revealed by their racist chanting and by the unfurling of an Israeli flag by the EDL skinheads.
Together they chanted “We hate Muslims” while waving Israeli flags
Some Islamist groups are more subtle. Take the IHRC as an example. It is not a coincidence, I think, that the images they use to illustrate their articles about the EDL are the ones in which Israeli flags appear prominently. See here and here.

So much for the Islamists, what about the BNP? Well, they're concerned. The EDL are gaining much publicity with their own brand of racism and anti-Muslim feeling. The BNP is worried for two reasons. Firstly they might well lose support as the EDL gains ground because the two have similar aims. Secondly, though, the BNP is terrified that the EDL will make them look bad. They have tried hard over the last decade or more to look respectable and become electable and have sadly, succeeded to some extent. If people link the EDL to the BNP, even just by having common membership, then this could ruin their plans.

So finally the BNP find common ground with the Islamists - they blame it on the Zionists. In an audio message on the website of Simon Darby (the BNP's Deputy Chairman) Griffin explains how he thought the EDL was a conspiracy by the British State (again any excuse to ensure that the EDL being racist doesn't make people realise that the BNP is also racist) but now realises that it is a Zionist false-flag operation. (see here for the audio from about 6.55 and here for some of the transcript).

Once again we find that the common denominator among these three groups of extremists is anti-Semitism. Scary times for Britain's Jews if they find themselves caught in the crossfire.