Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blogging Against Extremism

It's been sometime since I last posted but I feel the need to start again. Originally I started blogging to provide a record of the various Islamist activities in the UK. I don't know if what I did made any difference but I felt I was doing something. In the time since last year I have not found another site or blog dedicated to this job.

But things have changed recently. For some time now we've had the far-left supporting Islamist groups and extremist Islamic groups are unfortunately quite plentiful. However, we now have the spectre of extremist far-right groups. With the rise of the EDL and the Stop the Islamification of Europe group etc there is bound to be an increase in extremism. The EDL and co will provide fuel for the Islamists and vice versa. The danger is that these two extremes will grow at the cost of the middle ground.

So I'm back blogging against extremism on both sides. There will be a slight change in the style as, to save time, many posts may consist of a link to an article and some small comment. Others will hopefully be longer "investigations" of sorts. Either way, I hope that this blog will be useful to people who want to know what the extremists in our country are up to, be they Islamist or far-right racists.