Sunday, September 27, 2009

Casuals United Come Clean

The group calling itself Casuals United is claiming that it was one of the main reasons for the establishment of the EDL and now acts as a feeder to that group. They say:

If these 30 - 40 [members of Casuals United] had not embarked on the initial anti Choudrey protests, then the EDL and other Defence Leagues would not be where they are now.


Casuals United now exists simply as a recruiter for the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish Defence Leagues. We do not organise demos, we simply use online and otherwise communication networks of lads to drum up support.
This is part of an article starting with the question "What are we all about?" The EDL have gone to great lengths to portray themselves as being simply anti-Islamist. They have no problem with Muslims, apparently, and hate Nazis too. They have nothing to do with the BNP and they're certainly not racists.

But go to their site and you will quickly believe otherwise. The background is a tiled picture of the UK with the words "**** off, we're full". Nothing anti-Islamist about that. That's anti-immigration pure and simple, along the lines of the BNP. But more damning is the article in which they try to explain what they're about. At the end of it they have a video of Shahid Malik giving a speech. In it he explains how there are growing numbers of Muslim MPs and he jokes that one day all MPs will be Muslim (because of the exponential growth in their number) and suggests that one day we might have an MP who happens to be Muslim too.

The reaction?
Do Muslim MP's like Malik really think we are that thick? Our advice is this, NEVER EVER vote for any Muslim MP or Councillor as its clear their main interest "inshalla" is the advancement of Islam and not the interests of this country.
Extrapolating from a joke from one Muslim MP to every Muslim in the country? Sounds like simple racism to me. So much for being only anti-Islamist.