Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anti-Semitism at MPACUK?

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has apparently written a submission to the Commons’ Communities and Local Government Committee arguing that Prevent money should not be given to groups including the Muslim Council of Britain that espouse Islamism. MPACUK isn't happy about this. They say as follows:

This just highlights a common suspicion in this country concerning many Jewish bodies over their unheeded support for Israel's oppression. We call on all Jewish organisations to abandon the racist Zionist political ideology and look towards creating a long lasting peace in Palestine.
If I understand this right, MPACUK is giving an ultimatum to all Jews in the UK - reject Israel completely or be considered a whole-hearted supporter of Zionism and any and all crimes (real and fictional) that MPACUK and other Islamist groups consider Israel to be guilty of. Since in the mind of the Islamist a supporter of Israeli "oppression" seems to be a perfectly valid target for attack this seems to me very much to be MPACUK declaring all Jews to be "enemies" unless they meet the Islamist standard of Israel-rejection (eg Neturei Karta).