Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lib Dems on Terrorism

In response to Ruth Kelley's announcement about tackling extremism the Liberal Democrat Shadow Communities Secretary, Andrew Stunell is quoted on the Lib Dem website as saying:

This latest plan is the Government’s usual disastrous mix of good intentions and poor analysis. The Government will not win hearts and minds if it continues to associate the word ‘Muslim’ with terrorism.


What is needed is honest engagement with the some of our most disconnected communities. To tackle these problems in British society we must first address the chronic deprivation that allows extremism to breed.

Perhaps someone should tell the Lib Dems that the terrorism we now face is caused by an interpretation of Islam; not by poverty, not by territory but by ideology. The word "Muslim" is associated with terrorism by the terrorists themselves. Every action they take is done in the name of Islam. At least the government show some understanding of the cause of terrorism, even if the liberal left continue to ally themselves with the extremists.