Thursday, April 05, 2007

Government Crackdown on Extremists

The government is announcing measures for dealing with the radicalisation of young Muslims. Ruth Kelly will announce today that the Charity Commission will create a new "faith unit" designed to ensure that the leadership of British mosques can and will stand up to extremism. The BBC reports that she is expected to say:

Success will hinge on forging a new alliance against violent extremism. We need to reach out and give greater support to the overwhelming majority who are disgusted by terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam.

Also, the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has announced that specialist prosecutors are now beginning work to clamp down on extremist preachers. He said:
For some time I have been concerned that we have not taken sufficiently effective action against a very small minority of extremists among our communities who incite others to terrorism.

The plan is to use ASBO's, according to The Sun, and to prosecute people who promote violence and hatred on the Internet.