Sunday, April 01, 2007

Al Qaeda Training in Britain

A report compiled by MI5 has been leaked to The Telegraph. It reveals that Al Qaeda leaders are training young Muslims in Britain before sending them off to Iraq or Afghanistan. It also showed that large sums of money are being channeled to terrorist groups in Pakistan to fight against Western democracies. The report states:

Security Service and police investigations continue to detect high levels of operational activity by UK-based Islamist extremist networks.
Extremists are engaged in fundraising, radicalisation and training and in providing support to fellow extremists overseas. The purpose of a proportion of this clandestine activity is unclear. The high levels of activity are consistent with the judgment that an attack in the UK is highly likely.

A source told the newspaper that the Internet was now the most powerful tool in recruiting Islamic terrorists. Al Qaeda film all their attacks and post the results on the Internet for young people to watch at home and become increasingly radicalised. For more details of Al Qaeda training in Britain see this report from The Sunday Mirror.