Friday, April 27, 2007

BBC Report on Paddington Protest

Yesterday we mentioned that a call had been made for Muslims to protest against the arrest of six Muslims this week. The protest was due to take place outside Paddington Green Police Station from 2:30pm.

The BBC has reported on the protest, the only MSM outlet to do so. However, the BBC report is ambiguous as it first states that the protest is being staged but then that it is being planned, so not sure yet whether it actually took place or not. If you find any more information please let us know.

One interesting point though is that the BBC are reporting that this protest is being organised by relatives and friends of Rajib Khan. He is the one man of the six whose name does not appear to have come up before.

UPDATE (17:19): The BBC are now reporting that about 150 people turned up for the protest some of whom came straight from the Regent's Park Mosque. No pictures as yet or details and, frankly, none are expected.