Thursday, November 02, 2006

MPACUK Declares War

MPACUK has declared war on non-Muslims today. In an article today headlined "MPACUK vs The Muslim Establishment", they explain their world view and tell Muslims that they are the only people fighting and that if people do not back them they will be judged. Here's what they say:

MPAC’s world view is simple. We are at War. MPAC believes every Muslim man woman and child is a target in that War. And we believe that it is FARD [an obligation] upon every capable Adult to defend the Ummah.
Who exactly are the enemy? MPACUK do not come out and say it, but the article does say:
The enemy is too large, and too powerful.

Bosnia is just the beginning for Muslims in the west.

The only way to fight back and win against such a powerful enemy is if the Muslims within this country start to become ACTIVE in defending themselves.
Who do you think they are talking about?