Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Tories and Muslims

The Tories have addressed the key issues of multiculturalism and Islamic radicalism. They got it partly right.

David Davis, Shadow Home Secretary, made it clear that Sharia Law was "not an option" in the UK. He faltered slightly by calling on extremists to respect other people's religions. A waste of breath that indicates that he doesn't understand the root cause of Islamic extremism (i.e. that Islam is the only religion and everyone is already bound by its rules).

He did make a positive statement about not tolerating imams coming to Britain to preach hate. Unfortunately, he didn't gave any indication that the Tories would ban these people from entering the UK, nor did he address the issue of home grown imams preaching hate.

David Cameron complained about Muslim ghettos and said that Islamic schools should have one quarter of its places for non-Muslims. Frankly, this suggestion is completely stupid.

I cannot see how it will help the problem. For a start who would want to send their children to such a school, to be a minority in a school environment teaching and impressing a different religion to your kids? The problem is not that the children go to a school with only other Muslims in it, the problem is that they go to a Muslim school, not a British Muslim school. Forcing them to accept non-Muslims is not the key. Forcing them to be British is.

At least David did deal with that aspect insisting that they be taught "the core components of British identity - our history, our language, our institutions". The way to stop segregation is to ensure that everyone in the country (certainly those born and bred here) has the knowledge of our country's past and a pride in the achievements of this country.