Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We're Back - What to Expect

After a very lengthy absence we're back!

And this time we have a slightly different focus. By now most people are aware of the ludicrous "Covenant of Security" that was operating for many years in this country. This seems to have ended now, finally, but in its place the Government has enacted a new "covenant". This time instead of allowing actual terrorists to operate with impunity in return for not committing acts of terror in Britain, the Government is funding and supporting Islamist and other radical Islamic groups in the hope that they will stop Islamic extremism. There is a perfect article on this point in The Times today entitled "No way to combat terrorism" and everyone should read it

It's as if the Government responded to a violent insurgency from the neo-Nazi terrorists of Combat 18 by turning to Nick Griffin of the BNP, on the ground that he enjoys nationalist “cred” with alienated skinheads. After all, Mr Griffin is non-violent and believes that whites should participate in the political process. Perhaps he might stop bombs from going off. But what price would he exact for it - and what kind of society would we then be living in?
And the MSM is following the Government's lead by trotting off to these radical and extreme groups whenever they need a quote. The result is that the entire debate is skewed with radical and extremist Islamist groups being portrayed as the normal Muslim groups. It makes it impossible to have a reasoned debate on issues regarding Muslims and Islamism.

So this is one of the new focuses of the site, to reveal and expose the extremism and radicalism of some of these groups. But sites like this serve other purposes too and one of the most effective is as a watchdog on the MSM. So expect some of that too. And also expect other interesting tidbits along the way.

But know in advance, I am a strong believer in Civil Liberties and am a strong opponent of the BNP. If some of my posts seem confused or contradictory it might be a reflection of the inherent problems of tackling extremism while upholding the rights of people to express their opinions. Still, I hope to make a good fist of it.