Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MAB - Cemetery Opposition is Racism

Residents in a village near Glasgow are opposing a plan put forward by Glasgow City Council to build a new Muslim cemetery next to the village. According the Osama Saeed of the Muslim Association of Britain the opposition is because of prejudice against Muslims. Apparently all 300 people attending a meeting about the issue and the 700 signatories of a petition are solely motivated by Islamophobia. Saeed said told The Guardian:

Planning tends to reflect the overall prejudice against the Muslim community that goes on around the country. Whenever a new mosque or cemetery like the one in Glasgow is proposed, you'll always get a range of objectors who'll use environmental or green-belt concerns to mask a deeper hostility towards perceived outsiders.
Of course, that doesn't explain why residents in Leicestershire opposed a new crematorium there, or why Castlereagh councillors were likewise opposed to similar plans from Belfast city council. Perhaps, Osama, this is just people not wanting a new cemetery in there village?