Friday, March 28, 2008

Muslims "Victimised" by Terrorism

In a statement from the Muslim Association of Britain regarding Fitna, the organisation's president makes a ludicrous claim. Aside from calling for the film to be removed from the UK based website, and asking the police to investigate the film and taking this opportunity to condemn the cartoons, he also claimed that Muslims were victimised - by Islamist terrorism. He said:

European Muslims have been victimised twice – firstly by being targeted, along with the general public, in the recent attacks on London in July 2005 and on Madrid in March 2004
While it may be true that some Muslims were killed in those terrorist attacks and that the Islamist terrorists have no compunction about killing fellow Muslims, it is something of a stretch to claim that Muslims were victimised by those attacks.

But perhaps the MAB is taking a leaf out of its sister organisation, Hamas's, book. Just as they claim to be victims of Israeli aggression while they fire missiles into Israeli towns and cities, MAB are claiming to be the real victims of Islamist terrorism launched against the West. Once again we ask why the media quote these people as "moderate voices".