Wednesday, November 01, 2006


On Monday night Channel 4's Dispatches aired a documentary called "Women Only Jihad". You can see a trailer here. The documentary follows the campaign by MPACUK for the right of women to pray in mosques.

Before you think that they are acting out of the goodness of their hearts, MPACUK declare:

The revival [of women's rights] will be forced not because we want women’s right in themselves but because we know that without women taking on a leading role in protecting the Ummah the men will fail on their own.
However, the documentary seems to have caused outrage in the Muslim community. Comments on MPAC's website declare that people have "lost all respect" for them. That they are being seen as a "bunch of hotheads".

In response to the backlash against them MPACUK state, "Women’s Rights Are Now Our Priority!" and go on to warn, "Change is coming, embrace it or fall under the hooves of those that bring it. Allah-ho Akbar!"

Has "political Jihad" turned on its fellow Muslims?