Wednesday, October 04, 2006

MPACUK Self Loathing?

MPACUK has produced an article decrying the comments left on its website in response to another article. The first article related to the removal of an Israeli from a plane because he made other passengers uncomfortable. Not surprisingly the comments were not exactly sympathetic and MPACUK has attacked those comments.

It all sounds good until you realise that MPACUK moderates all the comments and chooses which ones to publish on its site. So, if you had a problem with those comments, why publish them? Who are you trying to kid?

UPDATE: Some comments have been added to this article. They are of course all singing the praises of MPACUK for taking such a wonderful moral stand. There's even the token anti-Zionist Jew. But, surprise surprise my comment asking why MPACUK published the comments in the first place has not been published.

I don't think it takes Machiavelli to realise what MPACUK is trying to pull here. They posted the original article fully expecting the kind of comments they received and duly published an article denouncing such statements in a pathetic attempt to try and portray themselves as moderate and moral. If anyone has a different explanation I'm all ears.