Wednesday, September 20, 2006

John Reid Speech

I've just finished watching John Reid's discussion with Muslims in Waltham Forest. He made some important points. I can't remember his exact words but he did quite clearly identify the goals of the terrorists; to impose their values on us.

He was also interrupted by protesters. One of them was reported by the BBC (on News 24) as being a member of Al Ghurabaa. I must assume that he told this to the waiting cameras. I wonder then why he was not arrested by police for being a member of an illegal organisation. There were police around the man but they made no effort to stop him or arrest him.

Another protester emerged holding posters that read (from what I saw) "John Reid you will pay" and "John Reid go to Hell". These messages remind me of the placards from previous protests. At the Danish Cartoons we had "Freedom go to Hell" and more recently "Pope go to Hell". We also had "Europe you will pay...".

Is there someone or a small group who are organising all these events and thus they all have the same formats for their protest?

Perhaps Anjem Choudray is behind these protests too. He has described himself as a spokesman of Al Ghurabaa and was behind both previous protests.

UPDATE: The first protester has been identified by The Guardian as Abu Izadeen. He is a member of Al Ghurabaa and therefore has close connections to Choudray. I guess my theory that this group is behind all these protests is not so far from the truth. Will he finally be arrested and prosecuted?

UPDATE: Confirmation that one of the placards said "John Reid go to Hell". The major news sources are reporting that one placard said "John Reid you will pay" but only one has so far mentioned this other poster. Could it be that the MSM recognises the link between this protest and the others and are shying away from it?

UPDATE: I earlier suggested that both protesters were connected and this might be tied in to Anjem Choudray. I have just watched a news report on Sky News and the second protester was shouting "You are an enemy of Islam and the Muslims." This is the same thing that Abu Izzadeen was shouting. Also, they interviewed Anjem Choudray just outside the pavilion in which John Reid had been speaking, so he was certainly nearby.